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English Club Moments 2009…


Halloween Special!!!

Hey you guys, if you want to take part in the Halloween Special, leave a comment with your answers, ok? The correct answers will be raffled some special prizes. Cheers!!!

Trivia 1

Halloween is generally considered to have evolved from what ancient festival?
  We try to scare away evil spirits.
  It’s a way to honor the dead.
  When the evil spirits came, they wouldn’t recognize you.

Samhain is to honor:
  The God of the dead.
  The end of summer.
  The priest who held the first Halloween service.

Halloween falls on the night before:

All Soul’s Day.            All Saint’s Day.         The first Harvest Moon.

What country first used pumpkins as jack-o-lanterns?

   Germany     Ireland            United States

What was the name of the Celtic harvest festival that historians say was the source of the present-day Halloween celebration?

    Samhain      Feralia    Carnelevarium

What group of people first wore costumes during harvest festivals?

    Celts      Romans       Germans

What Christian holy day, established in the 800’s, adopted pagan harvest festival customs into its celebration?

 Halloween      All Saints’ Day           All Souls’ Day

Halloween Games 2009!!!

Hi guys, how’s it going?

Due to the lack of time and available days for our traditional Halloween Spooky Days, we decided to do it online this year. All you have to do is watch the videos posted  here, do the tasks and wait for your special prize on November 3rd, the day for our party  anniversary.

So what are you wainting for?  Time for the first task. Watch the video and answer the questions.

Twilight Trivia

On Tuesday, October 6th we finally did the Trivia about the Twilight Book and Movie. It was awesome to see the guys there showing love and all their knowledge abotu the series. Check the pictures in our wallboard.